2018 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Every year around this time I start to rack my brain for thoughtful gifts for my loved ones, friends and colleagues. The problem I struggle with is that in this digital age where everything is just a click away, most people just tend to buy what they want for themselves when they need it. The days of coveting something really special or a sentimental token seem to be fading along with handwritten holiday cards.


So what do you get the person who has everything?


Well one thing I’ve learned in my 16 years as a physiotherapist is that people often compromise self-care and wellness to create something magical for their loved ones during the holidays. What if you give some of that magic back by giving the gift of health this holiday? I think you can and better yet, I think you can do it at almost any price point AND cover your full gift list.


Here are our suggestions for 2018:


The Stocking Stuffer / Hostess Gift


Himalayan salts make a perfect gift for just about anyone on your list. Easy to use and hypoallergenic they make a simple but luxurious gift for anyone who deserves a little self care. Himalayan salts are typically dissolved in the bath or a foot bath for a restorative muscle detoxing soak. They are also food grade and can be a perfect compliment to a gift for the foodie on your list.

Price Point:

$5 – $20


Who will love them:


  • The active person who needs to soothe their muscles
  • Pregnant women in need of a great foot soak
  • Postnatal recovering moms
  • Anyone who could use a break from their stressful day to day schedule (pretty much everyone)
  • The discerning foodie
  • The teachers, coaches, instructors who could use a bit of pampering for looking after your kids


The Functional Find


Acuballs are perfect, portable powerhouses. These therapeutic balls are great self massagers and can be heated to help dissipate muscle tension. They fit easily in a purse, briefcase or carry-on which makes keeping your muscles in great shape very accessible.

Do you need something that helps stretch larger muscles in less time? Massage sticks are the perfect tool for any gym or hockey bag and are favoured by those who have a hard time finding time for stretching.


Price Point:

$20 – $50


Who Will Love This Gift?


  • The busy athlete in your life
  • The professional who is stuck behind a desk most of the day
  • Anyone looking to release stress from their back, neck or legs
  • The committed yogi or stretcher
  • Frequent flyers


The Thoughtful Helper


Compression stockings make a wonderfully thoughtful gift simply because most people don’t think to purchase them for themselves. Compression is both fashionable and functional. The graded compression maintains circulation through the lower legs and relieves feelings of heaviness and swelling. Compression stocking come in every style from an athletic sock to classy work attire to chic, formal full length pantyhose.


Price Point:

$110 – $180


Who Will Love this Gift?


  • Anyone who sits or stands for the bulk of their workday
  • The frequent traveller
  • Pregnant or postpartum women
  • The athlete looking for a speedy recovery


The Ultimate Luxury


Who doesn’t love a massage? At this busy (and sometimes overwhelming time of year) this is one of my favourite gifts to give. Our registered massage therapist is skilled in both deep tissue and relaxation style massages. Gift certificates can be used at any time and qualify for private benefit coverage which means it is the gift that can essentially be used over and over again.


Price Point:

$80 – $150


Who Will Love This Gift?


  • Anyone who would appreciate some time to rest, relax and restore
  • The stressed out person on your list
  • The expectant mom to be
  • The athlete in need of some self care


The Lifestyle Gift


Our fully supported nutrition packages make an excellent gift for anyone looking to improve or optimize their overall health and nutrition through supportive education and counselling. Our holistic nutritionist will tailor individual two or three month nutrition plans complete with shopping lists, daily meal plans and individual counselling sessions. We take into account medical conditions, specific symptoms and personal goals. This is not a fad weight loss program but a commitment to healthy living.


Price Point:

$750 – $1000


Who Will Love This Gift?


  • Anyone serious about lifestyle change
  • Loved ones with hard to treat symptoms that can be improved by food
  • Those looking to achieve and maintain healthy body weight
  • Anyone looking to boost their energy, improve their sleep and enjoy delicious whole foods


Whether it is something small and thoughtful or something life changing, we’ve got you covered. Ask your therapist to help you pick out something special this holiday or simply enjoy a well deserved splurge for yourself.


Happy Holidays!


All products are subject to HST and in-stock availability.


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