How to Improve Gut Inflammation and Bloating Using Castor Oil

Did you know that your organs can cause bloating, back pain, inflammation and so much more. It is important to take care of our abdomens and that means our organs too! We all know our diet affects our gut but the real question is what else can you do to reduce inflammation? 1. Start with diet changes and try to … Read More

Post Holiday Clean Up Salad

This salad is a favourite in our house post holidays. It lets us use up our leftovers without the guilt of repeating a heavy holiday meal. It is substantial enough to be a stand alone dinner but will keep for a few days for an easy lunch. 2 cups diced white turkey meat 2 apples diced 1 handful unsweetened dried … Read More

The Expectant Mom Project

Well, the cat is out of the bag….or more aptly the bun is in the over. I have been poked, ultrasounded and prayed to the porcelain gods enough that it is now safe to share that bundle of joy #2 will be arriving next Spring. If you met me during my first pregnancy, and had the misfortune of being pregnant … Read More

Running Hot? How to Exercise Safely in the Summer

And just like that it is summer! Steamy, sweaty, lemonade-sipping, watermelon-munching, patio-sitting, toe-in-lake-dipping, glorious summer. In Canada, where winter reigns mighty, summer is the most coveted of all the seasons. We wait for it, we dream of it, we celebrate it but before long we are left to only remember it. It is natural to want to make the most … Read More

Essential Oils 101

Healthcare, just like any industry, can have fads. Someone is always pitching me the newest and greatest product. Some products I love because I understand the science behind them, I’ve used them and I can critically evaluate the usefulness they will have for my clients before I recommend them. However whenever something gains momentum to the point I’m getting “pitched” … Read More

Being a Mom Doesn’t Need to Hurt

When I was pregnant with my daughter I knew what to expect. I had read all of the books. I had a million references for whether a symptom was normal or not. I even charted and compared our growth to food ranging from a pine nut to a watermelon. Labour and delivery, although more anxiety provoking, came with classes, instructions … Read More

How Family Built My Business

More than once, I’ve heard that my work, and by extension my company, is my second child. Sometimes it is said in jest when I sprint across the gym to reach a client call. Sometimes it is said in frustration as I respond to emails from the dock at the cottage. The fact of the matter though, is that my … Read More

See Jane Run – Patient of the Month

There is a theory that people don’t always help others as a selfless act but rather for the selfish motivation of feeling good about themselves. When I treat my patients, I generally don’t believe this to be true, except with maybe Jane. At the end of our sessions she thanks me and pays me but I often feel it should … Read More

New Year, New Team Members

A New Year is always a time to reflect on the past year and to set goals for sucess to 2016. 2015 was a wonderful year for RPM Physiotherapy, largely due to the overwhleming welcome by the Junction community and kind referals from our clients, colleagues and friends. As such, I am excited to be able to introduce new members … Read More