Putting the Oh! in Probiotics

Did you know there are more cells in your body than stars in the universe? So hard to fathom right?! Even more crazy is that there are 10 x more bacteria in and on your body than all of your cells combined! Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in your body. They colonize your small and large intestine and determine the … Read More

Stay Injury Free This Summer With These Tips

Spring is in the air and summer is right around the corner. As Canadians we live for the warm weather and the activities that come with it. From getting your garden planted and blooming, to the vast array of outdoor sports sometimes, we can overdo it with our enthusiasm for the warmth resulting in injury. When exercising and doing outdoor activities there … Read More

Pain Down There?

So you have pain down there, and like many people, you don’t know what to do about it. Many women ignore their pelvic pain for reasons such as – they are embarrassed, they hope it will go away or they think it’s normal to have pain (especially after having kids). Pelvic pain is NOT normal and should be assessed by … Read More

7 Signs You Need a Nutritionist

Living in the digital age is amazing but having access to so much information can be overwhelming. Who do you listen to when you’ve got questions regarding nutrition and your health? Here are 7 signs it’s time you saw a Nutritionist (like me!). You Don’t Poop Everyday Being regular doesn’t mean you poop every Monday at 4. Regular bowel movements … Read More

Golf Drive Power and Back Pain – How to Improve Both

Improving your golf drive distance – The Pros and Cons Relating to Back pain   Golf season is now upon us!  You’ve dusted off the old clubs, hit the driving range, maybe, and are back on the course.  And then WAM!, that nagging back pain returns after a handful of rounds. Of course, it isn’t enough to stop you, but … Read More

Why You Should Invest in Prenatal Massage to Support Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an astounding, miraculous event that is often a testament to a woman’s strength. It is also challenging, physically demanding and fatiguing. While a tremendous amount of care is given to health of the baby, it is also a critical time for moms-to-be to learn about the importance of self care. One of the best things I did during … Read More

5 Things You Should Know Before Your First Pelvic Floor Appointment

Ok, you’ve heard about pelvic health. You’ve probably leaned into a conversation where friends were talking about it in hushed voices because you’ve been suspecting it is something you might need but didn’t want to start the discussion. Is it the new hot trend in healthcare? No. Women in Europe have been practicing pelvic health as standard care for a … Read More

What is Baby Flat Head and How Can it be Treated?

Baby Flat Head (Positional Plagiocephaly) by Sandra Ghaly, PT   What is it? During the first few months of life, a newborn’s skull is soft and flexible. Positional plagiocephaly is a flattened spot on the skull that can occur if your baby looks to one side more than the other. The constant pressure on one side of the head can … Read More

Fertility Issues, Digestive Trouble or Pelvic Pain? Try Abdominal Massage.

The beauty of working with talented practitioners on the cutting edge of their fields is that I get to learn something everyday. Most recently, our RMT Heather Heaney, introduced me to abdominal massage, something I had never thought about before when considering massage therapy. As Heather explained, this powerful form of massage can have a significant impact on fertility, digestion … Read More