Running Mistakes to Avoid

While August is often dominated with back to school excitement, there is another group of people giddy with anticipation for September……..runners!   With the height of Fall race season being October, many runners start to prepare towards the end of August for upcoming races. Whether you are running your first race or are a veteran runner aiming for a personal … Read More

Healthy School Snacks and Lunches Your Kids Will Love

Wow time flies! It seems like only yesterday I was writing about the start of summer and now here we are prepping for the back to school season. Talking with parents I have found that feeding their kids during the school day is one of the most stressful things they do. There is never enough time and although they want … Read More

How to Gear Up Safely for Back to School

My daughter is starting junior kindergarten this September. I not sure who is more excited and nervous for this major childhood milestone, my daughter or myself. Our new school recently hosted an orientation night and while there was a lot of interest in learning methods and summer reading, the table that drew the most attention was the gear. What do … Read More

How to Choose the Best Sunscreen

“What’s the best sunscreen?” I always get asked this question this time of year. Although I haven’t had the pleasure of sampling every sunscreen out on the market, there are five simple rules that I follow when choosing a sunscreen. 1. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide: These minerals protect against UVA and UVB and don’t penetrate through the skin. They … Read More

Fix Your Golf Game With These 5 Tips

If I’ve learned anything from working with athletes for the last 15 years it is that they are passionate by nature. The golfers that make up my practice rank among the most enthusiastic of that group and often engage in “I-must-be-ready-by-this-date” style rehab. The problem with golf in Southern Ontario, is that unless you are fortunate enough to travel often, … Read More

Chili Spiced Chicken Tacos and Zesty Potato Salad

With summer fast approaching it ‘s natural for our meals to shift.  Gone are the soups and stews and in their place come the salads, barbecued meats and refreshing flavours. In honour of summer and Father’s Day I have shared two of my all time barbecue favourites: zesty potato salad and chili spiced chicken tacos.  Both are super easy to … Read More

Everything Worthwhile Takes Time

This morning when I woke up, this picture from two years ago was in my newsfeed. I got so excited because I remember the exact feeling I had when I saw this picture for the first time. We were going my husband’s colleague’s wedding and I had rented this beautiful designer gown and literally squealed with joy when I saw … Read More

How to Squat During Pregnancy

If you ran into me at the gym last year, you know I didn’t shy away from exercise, very often hard exercise, while I was pregnant with my son. I always caution that it isn’t for everyone and I had the benefits of being a physiotherapist, trained and monitored by top fitness professionals, with the blessing of my ObGyn. I … Read More

The HOW and WHY of ‘Pulling’ Your Hamstring … Again

The HOW and WHY of ‘Pulling’ your Hamstring again         I know it’s early but summer-time is ramping up, and with that you have committed to one or more of the following:     Spending an extra (possibly dreaded) one-to-two hours with your co-workers per week playing beer-league softball     Sweating-it-out with the TRIBE crew for the first time at RPM     Unexpectedly chasing … Read More

Save Time, Money and Pain – Ask for Help Early

It is expensive. It hurts. I don’t have time for it. It is hard work. I don’t want to waste someone’s time. I get it. I know all of the reasons that people use to avoid coming to see myself and my team. I’ve heard every one in the book over the last 15 years. For the most part I … Read More