Demystifying Meditation

People say, you should meditate, it’s good for you. But what is it about meditation that is good for you and how should you do it?The how to do it is easy. The short answer is any way you want. Ideally what you are trying to do is leave the thinking mind behind. The Science The thinking mind is your … Read More

Get Your Resolutions Back on Track With These Small Steps

One of my goals for 2017 is to re-engage and re-energize myself in the business side of my business. To accomplish this goal I recently went to an email marketing strategy workshop. The information was fantastic. I realized all of the great things I had to learn. I also left completely overwhelmed. The result….I turtled. I drew up into myself … Read More

2016 Healthy Gift Guide

The holidays are always a time of year filled with mixed emotions. I think many of us feel the tug between the joy of time with friends and family balanced with the stress of creating those perfect moments and memories. Gift gifting holds the same jumble of joy and anxiety for me. I love giving something thoughtful but finding that … Read More

How to Improve Gut Inflammation and Bloating Using Castor Oil

Did you know that your organs can cause bloating, back pain, inflammation and so much more. It is important to take care of our abdomens and that means our organs too! We all know our diet affects our gut but the real question is what else can you do to reduce inflammation? 1. Start with diet changes and try to … Read More

Post Holiday Clean Up Salad

This salad is a favourite in our house post holidays. It lets us use up our leftovers without the guilt of repeating a heavy holiday meal. It is substantial enough to be a stand alone dinner but will keep for a few days for an easy lunch. 2 cups diced white turkey meat 2 apples diced 1 handful unsweetened dried … Read More

The Expectant Mom Project

Well, the cat is out of the bag….or more aptly the bun is in the over. I have been poked, ultrasounded and prayed to the porcelain gods enough that it is now safe to share that bundle of joy #2 will be arriving next Spring. If you met me during my first pregnancy, and had the misfortune of being pregnant … Read More