New Year, New Team Members

A New Year is always a time to reflect on the past year and to set goals for sucess to 2016. 2015 was a wonderful year for RPM Physiotherapy, largely due to the overwhleming welcome by the Junction community and kind referals from our clients, colleagues and friends. As such, I am excited to be able to introduce new members … Read More

Top Tips for Healthy Living

This weekend, RPM Physiotherapy was exceptionally lucky to host Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Kinesiologist, Esther Epp, of Dwell in Well, to discuss clean eating and the need for supplements as part of our diet. Esther gave a fantastic presentation that resonated with several of our members. Here are her top tips for healthy living: #1 – We are biochemically individual … Read More

Eating for Exercise – The Basics

This past Sunday, September 27th, we hosted registered dietitian, Michelle Evans Apostol, for a discussion on how to eat to maximize exercise. If you were not able to join us, here are some of the highlights:   Pre-Workout Moderate-to-high slow-digesting carbohydrate meal 1-3 hours before your workout i.e. wholegrain cereal with milk or Greek yogurt with berries, granola and a … Read More

Exercise of the Week – The Scapular Retraction

THE SCAPULAR RETRACTION 25% of my business is dealing with shoulder pain. Almost 100% of those shoulders have a posture component, especially now with the time we spend on smart phones, computers and driving. In most people, the chest is tight pulling their shoulders forward. This causes the shoulder muscles to work from suboptimal positions and nerves and blood vessels … Read More

Getting to the Core of Core Stabilization – Part 2

You are a new mom and carrying of your little one is making your low back ache. You are an elite athlete who notices pain in your low back after a heavy lift. You work 10 hour days, mostly in front of a computer, and you back hurts after 30 minutes of sitting. You are an active retiree and can’t … Read More

Rehab Exercise of the Week – THE SQUAT

WORKOUT WEDNESDAY!!!!! I’m really excited to be able to present this weekly feature with the help of some of our amazing personal trainers at RPM Total Fitness. These‪ rehab‬ friendly exercises will help us target key ‬ in building critical ‪‎strength‬ and ‪stability‬ while demonstrating great form. Today Josh shows us one of my favorites, the . If you could … Read More

How to Conquer Your Sick Day

Today I am blogging from home. In fact I’m writing this from my bed where I’ve been taken hostage by the dreaded summer cold. It crept up in the corners of the humidity of our cottage and then tip toes closer to me during a few sleepless nights with my toddler. Add a few crazy workouts to a body whose … Read More

How to Vacation Healthy

Summer is palpably close. Warm winds and sunny days are creeping their way into regularity. With the promise of summer comes the intoxicating whisper of vacation and the opportunity to relax, refresh and re-energize. At least that is often the thought when we are planning our getaways. Unfortunately the reality is that we sometimes come back from vacation feeling drained, … Read More

Getting to the Core of Core Stabilization

Sometimes in the health and fitness industries, something becomes such a phenomenon or trend that we all rush to jump on the band wagon before we really understand why we are making that leap. The concept of core stabilization is by no means new but still somehow seems to be misunderstood or even worse, not understood at all. There have … Read More

Benefits of Brown Bagging Lunch

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Small conscious choices can make big differences. One of those choices is brown bagging lunch. I’m not always consistent but when it does happen I feel good about myself for more than one reason. #1 – I have total control of the ingredients and how they are prepared. A restaurant salad … Read More