Benefits of Brown Bagging Lunch

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Small conscious choices can make big differences. One of those choices is brown bagging lunch. I’m not always consistent but when it does happen I feel good about myself for more than one reason. #1 – I have total control of the ingredients and how they are prepared. A restaurant salad … Read More

Lean Protein Slow Cooker Chili

I love this recipe on cold days like today. Although we are moving towards warmer weather it is still fantastic for a healthy boost of lean protein, fiber and LOTS of delicious veggies. We are meat eaters in my household but this can easily be made into a vegetarian version by adding extra veggies and legumes. Ingredients 1 lb of … Read More

Wellness Vs. Crisis

It is true, much of my career has been built from crisis. As a sport physiotherapist, much of my clientele come to see me either because of an acute traumatic injury or chronic pain from overuse. Dependent on the stage of their injury, the assessment is generally followed by several sessions geared at minimizing inflammation, restoring range of motion and … Read More

Fit for Golf Workshop

Do you want to increase your power while decreasing your score on the golf course this year? Join us on March 29th at 12pm for a 90 minute Fit for Golf workshop. We will address your mechanics at each stage of the golf swing and provide you with the key exercises required to improve your flexibility, torque and strength. Cost … Read More

Spring into Action Injury Free

Aahhhh Spring! Is there anything more glorious after months of hibernation than to wake up and step outside to find the polar vortex of winter gone? For me it is perfection. As a relatively new mom, I’ve spent the last two winters hiding from and over bundling against a cold that is just not safe for small children. I can … Read More