So You Want to be a Runner? Part 1

The air is fresh, September signals a reset and with the holiday season fast approaching, you have decided to take up running.   I get it. It is hard to ignore the throngs of runners that hit the streets in the fall. At almost every turn there is a weekend fun run or race.   I’ve been running for years. … Read More

The Importance of Work-Life Balance

Whenever I sit down to write a blog post, I always struggle with the endless pelvic health topics I want educate my readers about. If you’ve read any of my latest blog posts, you may find it difficult to find one that discusses something other than the pelvic floor. But this week was different. This week, pelvic-floor-health wasn’t the first … Read More

Ready to Reset? Start by Ditching the Diet Food

They say that success is when perseverance meets preparation. Your health is no different. It is hard to reset your mind and your body without the tools and the environment to set you up for success. That is why this week’s 5-minute reset task is all about a little bit of preparation for some big success. As a matter of … Read More

The Naturopathic Approach to Treating Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease is defined as an immune reaction against one’s own tissues [1]. A robust immune system needs to fight foreign invaders but not harm ourselves in the process. A large proportion of the Canadian population are diagnosed with these conditions. We now know more than ever about autoimmune disease and all the contributing factors. A naturopath can take the … Read More

5 Things Every New Mama NEEDS to Hear

You are a new mother. You have not slept in days. You have not showered. You cannot even gather enough strength to eat. You thought working after a night of partying was tough, but nothing quite compares to the fatigue you are currently experiencing.     As a pre and postnatal movement specialist and Osteopathic manual practitioner specialized in women’s health, … Read More

Start September with SMARTER Goals

Why do I care about your goals?   There is a very high likelihood that if you’ve ever worked with a rehabilitation professional you’ve been asked about your goals. Often times I get the simple answer of, “no more pain”, or “to make this better [points at injured body part]”. This is all well and good, but a lot of … Read More

Managing Your Adrenals and Stress: A Naturopath’s Approach 

The stress response is a vital function of human health and survival. It is important to have a stress response, as it allows us to cope with physical, mental, environmental and emotional problems.  Issues can arise when the stress response is uncontrolled or a person is dealing with excessive, prolonged or poorly managed stress.  What is the Stress Response?  The … Read More