Is Community the Medicine You’ve Been Missing?

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After a year of social distancing, it’s not surprising that many feel isolated or lonely. What may surprise you though is the impact of that isolation on your health. As researchers explore the physical and mental aspects of being apart, we are starting to understand that connection is as vital to our health as water, good food and exercise. Studies … Read More

Daily Solutions to Detox 2020 From Your Body and Mind

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Is anyone else ready to kick 2020 to the curb? As we sit on the cusp of more severe restrictions and an even deeper lockdown, I’ve noticed a shift. I no longer want to curl into a ball and hide, I want to thrive. I’m pretty done with feeling sorry for our collective selves at this point, I’m ready to … Read More

Gains Without Pain: How to Safely Return to Sport & Fitness

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Recently, Body Co’s own chiropractor Dr. Peter Johnston and I (physiotherapist, Jordan Fortuna) got together to discuss the basic principles around evaluating/managing your workout routine in order to maximize the effectiveness of your program. Whether you are a seasoned vet or a rookie in the sport and fitness world, the principles we discussed are applicable across the board and can … Read More

Need a Balanced Morning Snack? Try These Collagen Energy Bites

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Snacks are a common area that people struggle with.   Often eating the wrong things or snacking too often – it seems people just don’t know what they should be doing.   As we are all currently working from home during this pandemic snacking is becoming more of a concern for many.   People are sharing that they feel they are … Read More

How to Set Up your Home Office to Increase Productivity and Reduce Injury

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Like many of you, our business has shifted over the last few months. Wellness clinics such as ours have pivoted to virtual appointments to serve our community and provide relief to frontline services. There is an interesting aspect to doing virtual assessments that I hadn’t anticipated…I can see inside your home! I had expected to see many of the same … Read More

Are You Settling or Sitting Into Self Isolation: How To Minimize Sitting and Best Set-up Your Home Office

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There is no question that the past few weeks have been unprecedented and fraught with challenges that many of us could never have anticipated. For many people, as we navigate the new norms we are also navigating new personal circumstances. For a large group of our clients that has meant working from home with makeshift set-ups juggled between childcare and … Read More

Mindful or Mind Full: Using Mindfulness to Cope Through COVID-19

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Mindful or Mind Full? I want to start by addressing the elephant in the room: COVID-19. There are a million thoughts running through my mind. How serious is this virus? When will it end? When can I resume my normal life again? What’s going to happen with my finances? Do I have it? It’s never ending… And if you’re like … Read More

Keeping Our Community Safe Through COVID-19

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The last 24 hours have been pretty sensational and scary. It is very easy given the current news to panic. While public health, the World Health Organization, the CDC and our medical community has assured us that we are currently in a low risk zone, we do want to acknowledge the fears of our community and outline what we are … Read More

What is the Right Amount of Exercise for YOU!

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I have been working with mothers and children for the better part of my career and there has always been one limiting factor to fully relating to my patients: I am not a mother nor do I have children. But I am passionate about my work and highly value exercise prescription, so if you’ve come to see me in the … Read More