Practitioner Spotlight: Meet our Osteopathic Candidate Leah Henderson

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Many of our clients have come to learn and love the benefits of osteopathy. This is not at all surprising when you meet our osteopathic candidate Leah Henderson. She is passionate about her role in helping clients of all ages and perfectly compliments the services of our other experienced team members. The question I get most often though when referring … Read More

Get Your Resolutions Back on Track With These Small Steps

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One of my goals for 2017 is to re-engage and re-energize myself in the business side of my business. To accomplish this goal I recently went to an email marketing strategy workshop. The information was fantastic. I realized all of the great things I had to learn. I also left completely overwhelmed. The result….I turtled. I drew up into myself … Read More

2016 Healthy Gift Guide

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The holidays are always a time of year filled with mixed emotions. I think many of us feel the tug between the joy of time with friends and family balanced with the stress of creating those perfect moments and memories. Gift gifting holds the same jumble of joy and anxiety for me. I love giving something thoughtful but finding that … Read More

Post Holiday Clean Up Salad

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This salad is a favourite in our house post holidays. It lets us use up our leftovers without the guilt of repeating a heavy holiday meal. It is substantial enough to be a stand alone dinner but will keep for a few days for an easy lunch. 2 cups diced white turkey meat 2 apples diced 1 handful unsweetened dried … Read More

Running Hot? How to Exercise Safely in the Summer

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And just like that it is summer! Steamy, sweaty, lemonade-sipping, watermelon-munching, patio-sitting, toe-in-lake-dipping, glorious summer. In Canada, where winter reigns mighty, summer is the most coveted of all the seasons. We wait for it, we dream of it, we celebrate it but before long we are left to only remember it. It is natural to want to make the most … Read More

Top Tips for Healthy Living

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This weekend, RPM Physiotherapy was exceptionally lucky to host Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Kinesiologist, Esther Epp, of Dwell in Well, to discuss clean eating and the need for supplements as part of our diet. Esther gave a fantastic presentation that resonated with several of our members. Here are her top tips for healthy living: #1 – We are biochemically individual … Read More

How to Conquer Your Sick Day

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Today I am blogging from home. In fact I’m writing this from my bed where I’ve been taken hostage by the dreaded summer cold. It crept up in the corners of the humidity of our cottage and then tip toes closer to me during a few sleepless nights with my toddler. Add a few crazy workouts to a body whose … Read More