2018 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

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Every year around this time I start to rack my brain for thoughtful gifts for my loved ones, friends and colleagues. The problem I struggle with is that in this digital age where everything is just a click away, most people just tend to buy what they want for themselves when they need it. The days of coveting something really … Read More

Does Your Little One Really Need Tummy Time?

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Since the 1994 Back-to-Sleep campaign was initiated, the rate of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) has decreased by 50% (1). It is not surprising that since then we have also seen an increase in the prevalence of plagio- and brachiocephaly (flat head syndrome). (2) As a parent, this may be confusing. I get lots of questions from parents on when, … Read More

Not Sleeping? Your Exhaustion May be Sabotaging Your Rehab

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Ahh yes, the seemingly elusive ‘quality sleep’. Many years may have passed since you were last able to get a full nights’ sleep, or at least string a few restful nights together. Yet despite this being a lot of people’s ‘regular’ (…if being a zombie is ‘regular’), what do most of us do about it? My best guess: not a … Read More

Demystifying Diastasis-Rectus Abdominus

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The first year of mother-hood is accompanied by vast physical, hormonal and emotional changes. The female body undergoes remarkable transformation during pregnancy, the most obvious change being the growth of the abdomen, stretching to accommodate the growing fetus. In fact, studies show that during the third trimester around 70% of pregnant women develop a condition of over-stretched abdominal muscles (Boissonnault … Read More

Your Bladder Matters! –  5 Common Myths About Bladder Habits

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As a pelvic health physiotherapist, I love to talk about the pelvic floor and bladder interaction as it relates to incontinence (refer to my previous posts, “Paediatric Incontinence” and “Pain Down There”). Research has shown that approximately 1 in 5 adults over the age of 20 report some type of lower urinary tract symptom (LUTS)2. A healthy bladder is a … Read More

Osteopathic Relief for Infants and New Mothers

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The first few weeks of motherhood are extremely demanding and involves an incredible amount of learning. Almost all care is transferred onto the baby as parents attempt to dissect each little squeak, leg jolt, and cry in hopes of understanding what their newborn needs. As the week’s progress in the postnatal period, a remarkable instinctual communication develops between newborns and … Read More

Avoiding Shoulder Injury This Tennis Season

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Let’s do some quick math to start:   (past history of sport) + (current desk jockey career) + (public tennis courts) + (the human ability to ‘over-do’ it) = ????   Though this math seems a bit unorthodox, I’m sure you can extrapolate from the title that this can result in injury. Shoulder injuries, in particular, are common in overhead … Read More

Pain Down There?

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So you have pain down there, and like many people, you don’t know what to do about it. Many women ignore their pelvic pain for reasons such as – they are embarrassed, they hope it will go away or they think it’s normal to have pain (especially after having kids). Pelvic pain is NOT normal and should be assessed by … Read More

Why You Should Invest in Prenatal Massage to Support Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is an astounding, miraculous event that is often a testament to a woman’s strength. It is also challenging, physically demanding and fatiguing. While a tremendous amount of care is given to health of the baby, it is also a critical time for moms-to-be to learn about the importance of self care. One of the best things I did during … Read More