Why I Changed My Mind About Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

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If you had of asked me five years ago if I would consider assessing pelvic floor as a large part of my orthopaedic practice, my answer would have been NO WAY!   My background is in sport medicine. I work with athletes and weekend warriors. The last thing I envisioned for myself professionally was spending a good part of my … Read More

How to Squat During Pregnancy

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If you ran into me at the gym last year, you know I didn’t shy away from exercise, very often hard exercise, while I was pregnant with my son. I always caution that it isn’t for everyone and I had the benefits of being a physiotherapist, trained and monitored by top fitness professionals, with the blessing of my ObGyn. I … Read More

Practitioner Spotlight: Meet our Osteopathic Candidate Leah Henderson

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Many of our clients have come to learn and love the benefits of osteopathy. This is not at all surprising when you meet our osteopathic candidate Leah Henderson. She is passionate about her role in helping clients of all ages and perfectly compliments the services of our other experienced team members. The question I get most often though when referring … Read More

2016 Healthy Gift Guide

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The holidays are always a time of year filled with mixed emotions. I think many of us feel the tug between the joy of time with friends and family balanced with the stress of creating those perfect moments and memories. Gift gifting holds the same jumble of joy and anxiety for me. I love giving something thoughtful but finding that … Read More

The Expectant Mom Project: Registered Massage Therapy, An Essential in Self Care During Pregnancy and as a New Mom

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One of the things I have learned about pregnancy is that sometimes it hurts. It seems like every day I last less and less long in previously comfortable positions and what came with ease now comes with a huff and a puff. Unfortunately as the mom of a toddler, a self-employed business owner and frankly an adult, kicking back on … Read More