The HOW and WHY of ‘Pulling’ Your Hamstring … Again

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The HOW and WHY of ‘Pulling’ your Hamstring again         I know it’s early but summer-time is ramping up, and with that you have committed to one or more of the following:     Spending an extra (possibly dreaded) one-to-two hours with your co-workers per week playing beer-league softball     Sweating-it-out with the TRIBE crew for the first time at RPM     Unexpectedly chasing … Read More

Practitioner Spotlight: Meet our Osteopathic Candidate Leah Henderson

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Many of our clients have come to learn and love the benefits of osteopathy. This is not at all surprising when you meet our osteopathic candidate Leah Henderson. She is passionate about her role in helping clients of all ages and perfectly compliments the services of our other experienced team members. The question I get most often though when referring … Read More

Your New Year’s Resolutions Are Likely to Fail – Here is How to Make Them Stick

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Chances are your New Year’s resolutions are going to fail. That is not my pessimistic outlook on 2017 but rather fact. Greater than 70% of New Year’s resolutions are broken, modified or forgotten by February 1st. In the health and fitness industry, we love broken resolutions. It is good for business. Our offices are busy with those who gave up … Read More

2016 Healthy Gift Guide

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The holidays are always a time of year filled with mixed emotions. I think many of us feel the tug between the joy of time with friends and family balanced with the stress of creating those perfect moments and memories. Gift gifting holds the same jumble of joy and anxiety for me. I love giving something thoughtful but finding that … Read More

Running Hot? How to Exercise Safely in the Summer

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And just like that it is summer! Steamy, sweaty, lemonade-sipping, watermelon-munching, patio-sitting, toe-in-lake-dipping, glorious summer. In Canada, where winter reigns mighty, summer is the most coveted of all the seasons. We wait for it, we dream of it, we celebrate it but before long we are left to only remember it. It is natural to want to make the most … Read More

Being a Mom Doesn’t Need to Hurt

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When I was pregnant with my daughter I knew what to expect. I had read all of the books. I had a million references for whether a symptom was normal or not. I even charted and compared our growth to food ranging from a pine nut to a watermelon. Labour and delivery, although more anxiety provoking, came with classes, instructions … Read More