Ready to Reset? Start by Ditching the Diet Food

They say that success is when perseverance meets preparation. Your health is no different. It is hard to reset your mind and your body without the tools and the environment to set you up for success.

That is why this week’s 5-minute reset task is all about a little bit of preparation for some big success. As a matter of fact this first task is so easy that you don’t even need to leave the house, you just need to look at what you already have a get rid of anything that isn’t serving your goal of being your healthiest self.

In a multi-billion dollar diet industry, no doubt you have been tempted by so called “diet foods” whose low fat, low calorie options suggest the promise of health and weight loss. What might not be so apparent is that these foods often compromise on vital nutrients and rely heavily on chemical additives, preservatives and inflammatory foods that can cause havoc in your gut and make it difficult to sustainably reach and maintain your goals.

Take a peak at our chart of “Diet Foods to Ditch” and compare our list to your cupboard. If you find a match, toss or donate it to make room for some healthier options. When you are done make sure you comment on our Instagram or Facebook posts from this week with the same image for your chance to win a health assessment with our naturopath valued at $180.


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