Meet the Team: Dr. Peter Johnston, DC & RMT

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Meet the newest member of our team. Dr. Peter Johnston. Peter has been a registered massage therapist in the Junction for over a decade and more recently has expanded those skills as a doctor of chiropractics. Peter was one of the first people I met when I opened the clinic and immediately resonated with his treatment philosophy and how much he cared for his clients. We are thrilled to build on our clinical offerings by adding his excellent services to our team.


Here is a little bit more about Peter in his own words:


What led you to your particular field?

When I was 8, I had a series of particularly brutal growth spurts. I woke up one morning and was cramping so badly in my arms and legs that I couldn’t move. I’m crying and my parents picked me up, put me in the car, drove me to a therapist. I got carried in, and I walked out and thought, “that was cool”.

Turns out fast growing, clumsy and active youth need a lot of care, so I was able to experience a lot of care from many different professionals. At the end of high school, I was inspired by my experiences with care. I decided to study massage therapy. After 2 years of practice I wanted more, so I pursued a degree in kinesiology at the University of Toronto. In this process I started to realize that while I wanted to know more and do more, I could dramatically expand my reach by working with other professionals towards better outcomes for our patients. Some of the most knowledgeable and excellent professionals I knew were chiropractors, and I loved the idea of building out my skill set to help even more people.

What are you passionate about in your work?

I really love how many different ways there are to help people. I enjoy seeing how powerful education and advice is, and applying all the therapies I’ve learned from my years of practice. I’m invested in the transition from being afraid of a movement or task to becoming completely confident in it and competent with it.

How does your practice relate to how you live personally?

As the result of a serious bike accident accident-related injury, I experienced first hand what it is like to experience chronic pain. I exhibited the same behaviours and patterns that I observed in my patient population, and was able to more deeply connect to my patient’s experience with pain. This was a massive revelation for me, and I started using what I’ve learned in school, with mentors and with patients on myself. Because of this I’ve been able to get back to running, yoga and weightlifting pain free, will work busy days without distress, and have improved my own quality of life substantially. I just have to do more side planks than I used to.


Do you have anything exciting to share on the horizon (i.e. a project you are working on, a new treatment you are introducing, a workshop you would love to share)?

I’m working on courses for people with chronic pain and neurological conditions start an exercise practice comfortably, effectively and safely. I’m also preparing a lecture for 1st year psychology students at U of T on the topic of why people make the decisions they do with regards to medical care and injuries.

When you are not at Body Co, you are most likely……..?

Reading, cooking, playing guitar, spending time with my wonderful partner, exercising, making great cocktails and chatting with friends.

Or napping.

Please share 2-5 things about yourself that others might now know and find interesting.

  1. Best reads of 2019: Cixin Liu’s Remembrance of Earth’s past, NK Jemissen’s Broken Earth Trillogy, and Brandon Sanderson’s entire bibliography (especially Stormlight Archives).
  2. Last year I worked on learning how to effectively finish pasta in a pan. This year I’m working on knife skills and baking by weight, which means I’m actually a semi competent baker now!
  3. I accidentally started a small track club with a tiny group of people. We meet up every Tuesday and run in circles as fast as we can. I have been dubbed “Track Dad”, and I’m not mad at it.
  4. I love travel, camping and all things outdoors.
  5. I LOVE puns. And wordplay.

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