Wondering if In-Home Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Is For You? A Patient Tells Us About Her Experience

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Many of our clients are intrigued by the idea of in-home pelvic floor physiotherapy. We created the option because we understood from our clients that sometimes getting out of the house isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, especially for new moms, just the logistics of leaving the house can be an overwhelming event.

Despite it’s convenience, people often wonder what the experience is going to be like. Is it going to feel awkward to have an assessment in your living room? How does it actually work? Is it going to be ok to have the kids at home?

To help better understand what it is like for a pelvic floor physiotherapist to visit you in-home, Allison of Career Love, graciously shares her experience.


My Experience With an In-Home Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

The only thing I knew about my pelvic floor was that there were brochures at my obstetrician about kegels. I thought that if you did those you were good to go.

I had 2 kids and never had any issues that I was hearing about online. That all changed on baby #3. I went back to working out when he was 14 weeks but I was having a lot of pain and felt like my hips were strained. Worse , when I jumped or climbed stairs I was leaking (yes I just said that).

I am lucky that I worked out with Jenn Green at Baby Mama Fitness and she gave me a list of pelvic floor physiotherapists who would be able to help. Let’s just say I was skeptical. Wouldn’t this just get better with time? How did she really think I was going to get to a physiotherapist with a 4 month old (and 5 & 7 year old).

I had a look at the options when I saw that Body Co had a physiotherapist who would COME TO MY HOUSE! I was excited that I wouldn’t have to take a baby and sit in a waiting room so I sent an email – still concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do my physio while having my baby there. Melanie – the owner reassured me that many clients had their children home with them and this would not be a problem.

Still skeptical – I made an appointment.

A week later Sandra arrived at my door – table in hand and smile on her face. “I’m so sorry,” I said “I don’t have anyone to watch him.”

She quickly replied, “That is 100% not a problem. If you would like I am happy to hold him whenever you need – if that is ok with you.”

And with that we began. I answered her questions while breastfeeding my little one. She asked questions about the issues I have been having and I sheepishly admitted that I had some leaking but that I was doing kegels – so hopefully that would fix things.

Next up I was on the table for a pelvic exam. I held my 4 month old on my chest as she walked me clearly through everything she was doing, what she was looking for, how things change during childbirth and after. I had questions – and she was more than happy to answer them all.

I was told that is would take a few weeks and consistent exercises but that with a little effort I should be jumping in my workouts again. And she was right! All the exercises were easy to do with a baby, were short and easy to remember and took less than 10 minutes to move through an entire set. I wrote them on my fridge and just did them in the morning and in the evening.

At my next appointment my 7 year old was home from school. Sandra took him under her wing and had him bring her things from her bag, answered his 100s of questions and stayed after our appointment was done to be shown his comic book. More important though was that we mentioned he had been having headaches – especially after reading but that there was no issues with his eyes.

We booked a physiotherapy session for him the next day. It turns out it was related to his posture. He had developed a habit of sitting crouched while reading which was causing neck pain and headaches. After months of Tylenol and looking for answers his headaches were gone 2 weeks later after starting simple exercises and being aware of how he sits.

A year later I am happy that I took the time to take care of me. I listened to my body and knew that something was not right. If you are peeing when you jump, leaking when going up the stairs or just feeling that your recovery isn’t progressing the way you thought it would it might be time to call Body Co and meet with a pelvic floor physiotherapist.

Hi! I’m Allison. I am a career coach, back to work expert and the founder of Careerlove. My mission is to help women & moms create careers they love. I bring over 15 years of experience in human resources and coaching including work with companies ranging from 5 to 10,000 employees. I have personally worked with hundreds of employees and individuals in their efforts to transition into new roles; start their own companies and grow within their current organization. 


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