Meet the Team: Allison Madigan, Holistic Nutritionist

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Nutrition is a tricky thing. Most of us know the basics but few of us truly do it right.

I’m not talking about being 100% perfect all the time but rather making health conscious choices that optimize our health MOST of the time. It should be simple right? But that doesn’t mean it is easy.

Enter Allison Madigan. Driven by her own pursuit of health for both herself and her family, Allison has developed a practice that is focused on meeting people where they are, to create sustainable and impactful change.  She understands that small changes can create big results.

We are thrilled to welcome her to the Body Co team and for you to learn a bit more about her in her own words in our latest instalment of our Meet the Team Series.

Meet Allison, Our Holistic Nutritionist

What led you to your particular field?

I have always had a passion for nutrition and health that started in high school.   After graduating from university I ended up in the marketing field where I worked for 15 years – eventually becoming a VP and partner at a marketing services firm.  I went back to work after my daughter was born, but after a year or so it became clear that the stress and what I was sacrificing didn’t make sense for me. At the same time my daughter was having some health issues that we were working with doctors to sort through.  It was a long road that eventually led to surgeries, but along the way we learned that she had some pretty serious food sensitivities. This ignited my desire to learn more. After a lot of thought I decided if I was going to leave my position it was going to be to go back to school and follow my passion.  I took a huge leap of faith and have never looked back!

What are you passionate about in your work?

I love helping people feel their best.   There is nothing more rewarding that having a client come in for their second or third visit to let me know how amazing they are feeling. It is very rewarding.  

I also love learning about people – what they are struggling with, what works for them, what doesn’t and being able to work with them to make the changes to reach their goals.  

How does your practice relate to how you live personally?

After going back to work after having my daughter I became extremely stressed and burnt out.  I was always sick, slept but still exhausted, was suffering from anxiety attacks and had high blood pressure.  I was far from living my best life and it was time for a big change! I worked with a naturopath and nutritionist to help get my health back on track and was amazed at the results.   I know first hand how hard it can be to make the changes, but also how worth it is to come out the other side.    

Do you have anything exciting to share on the horizon (i.e. a project you are working on, a new treatment you are introducing, a workshop you would love to share)?

I will be hosting a free talk at Body Co. on Tuesday, January 28th at 7pm.   It will be all about living a healthier life and give some easy to implement tips and of course have time for questions.  I would love for you to join me! 

When you are not at Body Co, you are most likely……..

Spending time with my 9-year-old daughter & husband, working out, listening to a self-development podcast, enjoying a dinner with friends, walking by the water and in the winter skiing every weekend. 

Please share 2-5 things about yourself that others might now know and find interesting.

  1. I absolutely love historical fiction novels.  The Huntress was one of my favourites from 2019. 
  2. I am a planner at heart – planning parties, weddings, vacations – I love it all!
  3. Hiking the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina was the best travel day of my life thus far. 
  4. Banff is one of my favourite places – amazing hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter.  It is magical anytime of year. 

Allison will be available at Body Co on Mondays from 9 am to 3 pm as of January 13th. Since we are expecting a high demand for appointments we have begun pre-booking initial assessments.



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