Mindful Movement for a Virtual World

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Emotions are very much up and down these days. You may be coming off a high following that virtual coffee or wine date with your friend, and then, moments later, overwhelmed by the latest news on Covid-19, all of which is exasperating on the mind and body. The good news is that we can take steps to minimize this imbalance, and improve both our mental and physical health. How? By remaining active despite our current constraints. As an equipment free program that is appropriate for all fitness levels, my 45-minute virtual Essentrics™ class is the perfect way to bring activity into your own home, and further, to create harmony between the body and mind. 

Essentrics unlocks the body by increasing mobility in our joints, and builds both strength and flexibility in all 650 of our muscles. Moreover, this physical release brought about in the body impacts our mental health in following ways: 

  • Essentrics™ uses gentle full body movements, which stimulates circulation. This improved blood flow brings more oxygen to the brain and boosts our mental energy. 
  • During every workout, we train our muscles to relax so that we may reduce tension and stress in our body. This relaxed state also has the effect of decreasing inflammation in our body, which contributes to a stronger immune system.
  • The dynamic sequences in every Essentrics™ class can be challenging for the brain, therefore stimulating our mind and boosting brain health. 
  • As an added bonus, I include a curated playlist for every Essentrics™ class that is intended to enhance your emotional and physical experiences. Each song will guide your emotions and encourage you to feel joyful, relaxed, powerful and energized. No matter what mental state you’re in at the start of class, you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated, calm and healthy. 

Ultimately, any form of movement will be helpful in keeping your body and mind in a positive state. At this time, the key is to find an activity that is accessible, sustainable, and most importantly, enjoyable. In addition to tackling all these areas, choosing a virtual class will bring you a sense of community and fill a social void during our time of physical distancing. 

I hope you’ll consider joining one of my virtual workouts! The next session starts on April 13th, and will run for 6-weeks straight, every Monday at 9:30 AM. Interested in signing up for a class or simply want to learn more about Essentrics™? Visit our events page for more information or our website to register. 

Stay safe and be well!

Lauren Finkelstein is a Level 4 Certified Essentrics Instructor and Nutritionist.  She began her Essentrics training in Montreal while completing her Bachelor of Commerce at McGill University. After graduating, Lauren taught classes at the Essentrics flagship studio, and worked with the Teacher Training Department at the company’s head office. As her passion for health and wellness grew, Lauren moved to Toronto to pursue a Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition and Food. Lauren currently teaches Essentrics at some of Toronto’s most reputable studios and private clubs. She also specializes in corporate wellness programs, offering Essentrics classes and nutrition workshops. Lauren is known for having an awesome playlist in every class. She pays close attention to all her students, making sure they are engaged and doing the movements in a safe and effective way! 

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