Everything You Need to Consider About Pelvic Floor – A Poem

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Pelvic Physiotherapy.

Have you heard that term before?

Well let me tell you all the wonderful things,

That we can do for your pelvic floor.


Have you had a baby?

Maybe two or three?

Do you find yourself running to the bathroom,

Because you can’t hold in your pee?


Or maybe it happens with coughing,

Laughing, jumping, or sneezing,

You’ve learned to cope, I’m sure

By crossing your legs and squeezing.


“I always do my kegels!”

But are you doing them the right way?

They involve a two step process,

And must be done several times a day.


Have you checked your diastasis recti,

That separation of your core?

It’s time to engage your deep abdominals,

They’re not ones to ignore.


But maybe the worst of it all,

Is those constant back aches,

You’ve tried every position,

But they still keep you awake.


Do you feel a bulge,

When you’re on your feet?

Or maybe your bowel movements,

Never feel complete?


The culprit could be,

A pelvic organ prolapse

We can help with education, exercise,

And a pessary, perhaps.


So you have pain with sex?

You are not alone.

20% of women experience it,

Studies have shown.


If you are in that category,

Physiotherapy can help you.

Not only will sex be less painful,

But more enjoyable, too!


Vaginismus, vulvodynia,

Intersitial cystitis,

Don’t let these words scare you,

Together, we can fight this!


Oh, and your bowels-

They’re definitely at stake!

If you don’t go once daily,

Increase your fibre intake.


We may start with breathing,

And connecting to our mind.

We may look at your posture,

Help keep your spine aligned.


Whether it’s one of these problems,

Or all of the above,

It’s time to see a pelvic physiotherapist,

It’s time to prioritize self-love!



Pelvic Floor & Paediatric Physiotherapist

Sandra graduated from Dalhousie University with a Masters degree in Physiotherapy after completing her Bachelor of Kinesiology degree with honours from McMaster University. She has worked with a variety of clientele but has developed a true passion in working with both the paediatric and women’s health populations. Sandra has extensive experience assessing and treating a variety of paediatric conditions and most recently has become certified as a pelvic health physiotherapist. She also has additional training in acupuncture and kinesiotaping. Sandra finds great value in guiding each individual through a tailored rehabilitation program to optimize their function and quality of life. In her free time, Sandra enjoys yoga, pilates, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

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