Pain: It’s Not Just In Your Head

Yes, I am a physiotherapist. A movement specialist. I assess your mobility. Your pain. Your muscle imbalances. And yes, my goal is to get you back to your best physical state. But my patients are often surprised to hear me ask about their diet, sleep and stressors during their assessment. Many of them are not thrilled when I encourage them … Read More

Create Your Own Adventure Bites Recipe

  Hello everyone! It’s me, Crystal, your favourite Nutritionist! Today I’m going to be showing you a quick and easy snack you can make that will ensure you can spend the most of these beautiful days outside enjoying the sun and not slaving away in the kitchen. If you’re like me, and grew up in the 80’s, then you probably … Read More

Putting the Oh! in Probiotics

Did you know there are more cells in your body than stars in the universe? So hard to fathom right?! Even more crazy is that there are 10 x more bacteria in and on your body than all of your cells combined! Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in your body. They colonize your small and large intestine and determine the … Read More

7 Signs You Need a Nutritionist

Living in the digital age is amazing but having access to so much information can be overwhelming. Who do you listen to when you’ve got questions regarding nutrition and your health? Here are 7 signs it’s time you saw a Nutritionist (like me!). You Don’t Poop Everyday Being regular doesn’t mean you poop every Monday at 4. Regular bowel movements … Read More