In my previous blog, I discussed the stigma around labeling childbirth as “natural birth”. More specifically, I examined the introduction of the surgical procedure of caesarean sections in the 19th century and other medical interventions during childbirth. If you haven’t already read the previous blog post, you can here . As a brief summary,  caesarean sections account for 18.6% of … Read More

Infant Osteopathy Workshop

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Join osteopathic candidate, Florence Bowen as she explores the role of osteopathy and cranio-sacral therapy during infancy. Florence will address many common concerns parents experience with newborns including: Colic Digestive Discomfort Difficulty Latching Difficulty Breastfeeding Reflux / Excessive Spit Up Join her in the comfort of the Tokki community room to ask your questions and go home with practical tools … Read More

Introducing Body Co.

Have you noticed our new look? If you have visited our Instagram or facebook pages recently you may have noticed some flashes of our new logo, new name and some pretty new images. Aside from the vanity of a facelift, you may also be wondering why we are messing with a good thing? Why am I going out of my … Read More

Demystifying Diastasis-Rectus Abdominus

The first year of mother-hood is accompanied by vast physical, hormonal and emotional changes. The female body undergoes remarkable transformation during pregnancy, the most obvious change being the growth of the abdomen, stretching to accommodate the growing fetus. In fact, studies show that during the third trimester around 70% of pregnant women develop a condition of over-stretched abdominal muscles (Boissonnault … Read More

Osteopathic Relief for Infants and New Mothers

The first few weeks of motherhood are extremely demanding and involves an incredible amount of learning. Almost all care is transferred onto the baby as parents attempt to dissect each little squeak, leg jolt, and cry in hopes of understanding what their newborn needs. As the week’s progress in the postnatal period, a remarkable instinctual communication develops between newborns and … Read More

Practitioner Spotlight: Meet our Osteopathic Candidate Leah Henderson

Many of our clients have come to learn and love the benefits of osteopathy. This is not at all surprising when you meet our osteopathic candidate Leah Henderson. She is passionate about her role in helping clients of all ages and perfectly compliments the services of our other experienced team members. The question I get most often though when referring … Read More

How to Improve Gut Inflammation and Bloating Using Castor Oil

Did you know that your organs can cause bloating, back pain, inflammation and so much more. It is important to take care of our abdomens and that means our organs too! We all know our diet affects our gut but the real question is what else can you do to reduce inflammation? 1. Start with diet changes and try to … Read More