Don’t Let the Travel Spoil the Trip: 5 Ways I Travel Healthier

Do you feel it? The cold in the air?   For me that can only signal two things:   Move over pumpkin spice…it is holiday season! It is time to get on a plane and get out of the cold.   Winter is my travel season and with good reason. I don’t travel much for work but you better believe … Read More

How To Boost Your Fertility

The number of individuals and couples facing infertility issues has shown a rise over the past few years. Today, the infertility statistics have increased from 5.4% in 1984 to 16% today (1) – that means almost 1 in 6 couples today are facing fertility issues. Besides taking measures to monitor your menstrual cycles and ovulation, below are some simple lifestyle … Read More

Simple Summer Habits to Keep Even the Most Indulgent Holiday on Track

Summer is the perfect time to slow down and relax. The warm weather and longer days beckon you to linger at parks or enjoy time with friends outside.    Summer can also be a season of indulgence. A cold beer on a hot afternoon, decadent bbqs and life at a slower pace. While all of these are well deserved celebrated … Read More