Thank You

I have been trying to write a year-end wrap up for a week and a half now but I keep getting stuck. I see everyone else’s blogs rolling out but I’m having a hard time writing about our 2018 successes (and it has been a wonderful year) at a time of year where I am most struck by gratitude for the people and communities that create our success.


Tooting our own horns seems a bit disingenuous when so much of that success has come at the hand of others. That is why this year I am going to do things a bit differently and in a way that selfishly fills my cup a bit more. This year instead of telling you about how amazing we have been, I would love to acknowledge how amazing YOU are!


First and foremost our business would not be where it is without our amazing clients. I am humbled by the trust you give us when you ask us not only to care for yourselves but also your families. Coming to work is always a pleasure when I get to work with motivated, kind and interesting people. I am constantly learning and am grateful for every one of you who walks through our door.


Body Co would also be nowhere without the skilled team of practitioners that are the heart and soul of our business. Their dedication to our clients has allowed me to step back to build our business (yes my name might be on the paperwork but it is truly OUR business) behind the scenes because I know what amazing care they are taking of everyone. Their talent, empathy and passion for wellness is unparalleled. They also happen to be a super fun group and I am genuinely happy to see every one of them in the clinic. Jordan, Leah, Sandra, Heather, Florence, Crystal, Shannon and Eden – you guys are the best!


We owe a huge amount of gratitude to our RPM family. Mike and his team continue to give us countless opportunities and have been our closest partners in supporting health and wellness in our community. Their energy, collaboration and camaraderie make our business stronger and a whole lot more fun. I look forward to seeing what we can cook up together in 2019.


We are also lucky to partner with several community partners who champion our business. Thank you to the other businesses who selflessly help us promote, educate and make healthcare more accessible. Thank you to Mommy Connections, 4 Trimesters, The Total Mom Show, Well & Tight, Mamas & Co, Nutmeg Consulting, Tokki Kids, The Mama Reset and the several others who have created possibilities for us to build through your trust and friendship.


This year we underwent a complete rebrand. I would have been completely lost without the guidance, expertise and creativity of Emily D of Emily D Photography and Rachel Di Martino of Geek Unicorn. Thank you for the education ladies. Working with you both was a dream and I am in awe of your crafts.


Lastly I would be remiss if I did not thank my silent partners, my family. My husband Brian never says no to any of my ridiculous ideas and my kids do their very best to not to scream about poop when I take a client call. Thank you for giving me the space and support to create my best life which of course is really the best thing I can give back to you.


2018 has truly been a wonderful year but any great success for Body Co has always a collaboration of kindness, caring and passion of many, many people. If you have had any part, big or small, of what we do, thank you helping us grow into what we have become.


Wishing you all health and love for 2019.




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