Fighting Colds Naturally

The end of the year signifies so many things: holidays, winter sports, family time and in a lot of cases: cold season! Colds are typically harmless infections, which present with runny nose, sneezing, cough and sore throat – most healthy immune systems can fight these infections off on their own. That being said, a cold can be a huge inconvenience … Read More

What Inspires Your Health and Wellness? A Patient Profile

One of my favourite aspects of working with clients is that I learn something every day. I am always grateful for the opportunity to interact daily with our inspiring and motivating clientele.   Sometimes, if I’m lucky enough, in the midst of helping others with their health and wellness I stumble across someone who gives me as much insight as … Read More

Don’t Let the Travel Spoil the Trip: 5 Ways I Travel Healthier

Do you feel it? The cold in the air?   For me that can only signal two things:   Move over pumpkin spice…it is holiday season! It is time to get on a plane and get out of the cold.   Winter is my travel season and with good reason. I don’t travel much for work but you better believe … Read More

Post-Partum Exercise: 6 things You Can Do in the First 6-Weeks

So you’ve had, or are about to have a baby – congratulations! The first few weeks post-partum are an exciting time to bond with your baby, focus on recovering and see your body start to make some exciting changes. Getting back to exercise is on your mind but you may have read or heard that you should avoid all exercise … Read More

Meet the Team: Dr. Peter Johnston, DC & RMT

Meet the newest member of our team. Dr. Peter Johnston. Peter has been a registered massage therapist in the Junction for over a decade and more recently has expanded those skills as a doctor of chiropractics. Peter was one of the first people I met when I opened the clinic and immediately resonated with his treatment philosophy and how much … Read More

Hips and Hockey: Why We Treat Hips in ALL Of Our Athletes

There has been a lot of talk from us around our recent move (check out our new space at 3093 Dundas St. West!), but today I wanted to shift gears back into orthopaedic injury management and prevention since I’m better at talking about this…    Among the athletes I typically see at the clinic, pre-teen and teenage hockey players are … Read More

A Naturopathic Approach to Managing Your Blood Sugar

Naturopathic medicine can be helpful for a wide range of conditions, including blood sugar dysregulation such as diabetes.  Sugar in your Blood?  Believe it or not sugar belongs in our blood. Our blood transports sugar, which is a crucial nutrient throughout our body. Without blood sugar, we would have major issues. Sugar serves as a form of energy for every … Read More

How To Boost Your Fertility

The number of individuals and couples facing infertility issues has shown a rise over the past few years. Today, the infertility statistics have increased from 5.4% in 1984 to 16% today (1) – that means almost 1 in 6 couples today are facing fertility issues. Besides taking measures to monitor your menstrual cycles and ovulation, below are some simple lifestyle … Read More

How to Fit In Exercise Without Carving Extra Time From Your Schedule

In a world where busy is celebrated and we are constantly over booking and overwhelming ourselves, it is no surprise that one of the most common challenges I hear to maintaining an exercise program is lack of time.    Realistically most people should be incorporating 30 minutes of intentional movement daily to stay healthy, maintain a healthy body weight and … Read More

Stop Promoting Pain for Gain and Start Listening to Your Body

Listen to your body.    Growing up I was extremely active. I loved to play. I played any sport I could, I would run often, go outdoor adventuring, and basically move any chance I could. During my very active childhood at some point that I cannot seem to remember, I started to experience pain. Real pain; not muscular pain, which … Read More