Gender Dysphoria, Binding and the Pelvic Floor

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Gender dysphoria is the psychological distress that results from a mismatch between one’s sex assigned at birth and one’s gender as per the American Psychiatric Association.  This may present as a strong desire to rid oneself of primary sexual characteristics (ie. uterus, vagina, penis, testicles) or secondary sexual characteristics (ie. height, body shape, body hair) that are associated with one’s … Read More

Meet Our Newest Team Member, Roger Cullman, RMT

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What led you to your particular field? About nine years ago I had a motorcycle accident and injured my left knee so badly (torn ACL, fractured tibial plateau) that I couldn’t walk properly for several months. Part of my rehabilitation included physiotherapy and Massage Therapy. The treatment I received was transformative. During that extended down time, I learned that an … Read More

How to Build the Mindset and Habits to Sustain Your Health

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If I have learned anything over the past year it has been how important my daily habits and mindset are.   Let’s be honest, ever since the pandemic hit there have been so many ups and downs.  I know that my habits have played a huge role in helping me weather this storm.    At the beginning of the pandemic I … Read More

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Reproductive Health; Practical Tips to Reduce Your Exposure

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Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are chemicals within our environment that can impact the way our hormones work1. Depending on the chemical, they can either ‘mimic’ our hormones and bind to hormonal receptors, some can block our hormones from performing their important actions, while others can increase or decrease the levels of hormones in our body1. There is an evolving area of … Read More

Is Gardening Your Sport?

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Is gardening your sport? I really enjoy gardening. Full stop. For many personal reasons, it is an activity that I thoroughly enjoy and is a common topic of discussion with clients at Body Co (especially at this time of year!). Despite all of the joy that gardening brings to each individual, I am acutely aware of the challenges that are … Read More

Is Community the Medicine You’ve Been Missing?

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After a year of social distancing, it’s not surprising that many feel isolated or lonely. What may surprise you though is the impact of that isolation on your health. As researchers explore the physical and mental aspects of being apart, we are starting to understand that connection is as vital to our health as water, good food and exercise. Studies … Read More

5 Things Every Teen & Parent Should Know About Healthy Teen Periods

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Here’s what I remember about being a teenager and getting my first period. I remember a very awkward health class where an extremely ill equipped male gym teacher explained female anatomy and showed us what a tampon looked like. I remember not really knowing what to expect but feeling like I should. I remember getting it for the first time, … Read More

How Motherhood Changed My Physiotherapy Practice

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There are many skills I need to acquire for my job: knowledge, manual skills and conversational skills to name a few. The most profound skill, however, is empathy. To be able to accurately assess, diagnose and treat my patients, I have to first put myself in their shoes. And of course, I have no problem doing this. From the series … Read More

5 Signs You Need to Address Your Energy and Underlying Stress

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I spend a lot of time talking to those I work with about their energy.    When people come to see me they are often feeling low on the energy scale, but this is just one symptom. Often times as dig deeper they are also very stressed out!! The low energy could well be a result of an overactive mind.  … Read More