How to manage Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)?

Wintertime is often regarded as a happy time, but for many of us, these winter months bring on a depressed mood and low energy. So many Canadians deal with this, and often time don’t realize they’re dealing with something we can address and treat clinically. What Is SAD? SAD stands for Seasonal affective disorder. It is a recurrent major depressive … Read More

5 Free Ways to Integrate Self Care in Under 5-Minutes

We’ve been talking about self care a lot this month. One of the reasons it is such an easy topic is that we all absolutely need it yet it can mean something different to everyone giving us a wide range for discussion.  However, because there is no true definition of self care, it makes it easy to use as an … Read More

An expert’s guide to sangria management

When people think of self-care they often think they need to do more. Just the idea of making time for self-care into an already over-scheduled day overflowing with tasks and to-do lists can seem daunting enough to make you want to crawl under the covers and eat dark chocolate. Today I’m going to preach to the unthinkable: the ecstatic joy … Read More

Health is a Habit. Cultivate it.

Health is a Habit.  Cultivate it.   January is quickly coming to a close and many of the “resolutions” you made for yourself might not be holding as strongly as you would like.  I actually don’t love resolutions – it always feels like a general to do list for the year. I don’t make resolutions anymore – I have started setting … Read More

5 Ways to Beat Blue Monday

’Tis the season to be … down and depressed? You may have heard of a little thing called “Blue Monday” – that is, approximately the third Monday of January may be the most depressing day of the year. By this point, the holiday cheer has worn off, the cold is setting in and new years resolutions have tapered off. But … Read More

Why Restorative Bodywork Matters

Today, the market is flooded with so many types of group exercise classes. It’s difficult to know what is good for you and what you should avoid, what is ‘healthy’ for your body and what might hurt it. There’s yoga in its many forms, including flow and hot yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, boxing, strength training, and spinning classes. There’s mom & … Read More

Consistency is King When It Comes To Making Changes With Exercise

So you’ve made a resolution to be more active, and you haven’t given up yet (or maybe you’re just a week behind). Good for you! Physical activity is one of the single most important things you can do for your health. It has one major design flaw: For you to keep getting the benefits of it you have to keep … Read More

New perspectives:  The benefits of strength training on running

If you actively reading this blog on the regular, you are probably not surprised by my (Jordan’s) topic selection. Predictably, I’d like to discuss the merits of strength training in the context of how it will affect distance running performance. This topic is quite pertinent given the likely rise in runners now on the streets as a result of the … Read More

Meet the Team: Allison Madigan, Holistic Nutritionist

Nutrition is a tricky thing. Most of us know the basics but few of us truly do it right. I’m not talking about being 100% perfect all the time but rather making health conscious choices that optimize our health MOST of the time. It should be simple right? But that doesn’t mean it is easy. Enter Allison Madigan. Driven by … Read More