Get the Skinny on the Low Fat / High Fat Debate

Ah, the dreaded diet. It hits the top of our New Year’s Resolutions. It is revisited a few more times throughout the year with goal weights set for birthdays, vacations and high school reunions. The weight loss industry has an estimated value of 68 billion dollars (1) and there is every reason to believe that trend is going to continue … Read More

What Does Your Poop Say About You?

I’m my house, with two small children, poop is a regular topic of discussion. Poop jokes, poopy diapers, conversations about how frequently each child pooped. Needless to say we are not shy about discussing our poop.   However, if that is not your reality (and lucky you) you may not be paying close attention to a vital marker of health. … Read More

Pre-Season Prep: 6 Golf Drills to Get You ‘Below Par’

Though the winter may seem endless and unforgiving right about now, let us take it as an opportunity to physically prepare for the upcoming golf season… though really the tips here would benefit other sports such as tennis, hockey and beer league softball.   Golf is a skill sport and skills require practice, so don’t neglect this early in the … Read More

Everything You Need to Consider About Pelvic Floor – A Poem

Pelvic Physiotherapy. Have you heard that term before? Well let me tell you all the wonderful things, That we can do for your pelvic floor.   Have you had a baby? Maybe two or three? Do you find yourself running to the bathroom, Because you can’t hold in your pee?   Or maybe it happens with coughing, Laughing, jumping, or … Read More

Pain: It’s Not Just In Your Head

Yes, I am a physiotherapist. A movement specialist. I assess your mobility. Your pain. Your muscle imbalances. And yes, my goal is to get you back to your best physical state. But my patients are often surprised to hear me ask about their diet, sleep and stressors during their assessment. Many of them are not thrilled when I encourage them … Read More

Why I Left My Family and Job to Run Away To Panama

I’m not proud to share this. I yelled at my son.   Not a slightly-raised-voice yell but a foot-stomping-fists-clenched-teeth-bared yell.   My son is not yet two. It was neither his fault nor my finest moment.   After yelling at him I sank to the floor and ugly cried. I did not comfort him despite his quivering bottom lip. Instead … Read More

Get One Step Ahead of Plantar Fascia Pain

Plantar fasciitis is an all-too-common pathology that orthopaedic physiotherapists assess and treat regularly. This condition has a variety of causes that include, but are not limited too: Biomechanical issues such as over-pronation or a ‘flat foot’, restricted ankle and toe dorsiflexion (bringing your toes towards you), and tension in the achilles tendon (1,2) Repetitive strain (over-use and/or training errors) (1,2) … Read More