Stool Withholding: How to Help your Child Let Go

If you know me, you know I love to talk about bowel movements (BMs). The shape, the size, the frequency. Yes, I know you’re probably cringing right now (as most of my patients do when I ask them to point out what their stool looks like on a chart) but perhaps I can convince you why bowel movements are today’s … Read More

Simple Summer Habits to Keep Even the Most Indulgent Holiday on Track

Summer is the perfect time to slow down and relax. The warm weather and longer days beckon you to linger at parks or enjoy time with friends outside.    Summer can also be a season of indulgence. A cold beer on a hot afternoon, decadent bbqs and life at a slower pace. While all of these are well deserved celebrated … Read More


In my previous blog, I discussed the stigma around labeling childbirth as “natural birth”. More specifically, I examined the introduction of the surgical procedure of caesarean sections in the 19th century and other medical interventions during childbirth. If you haven’t already read the previous blog post, you can here . As a brief summary,  caesarean sections account for 18.6% of … Read More

How, Who and What Gets to Define “Natural Birth”?

You discover you are pregnant! Hopeful, excited, nervous, elated and a little terrified, you go to your Doctor. Maybe, you elect and are fortunate enough to gain access to a Midwife. You find a birth Doula and establish your ideal birthing team. You desire the most holistic birth plan, one without any type of fetal monitoring, medical interventions, medication or … Read More

Managing Menopause With Naturopathy

What is Menopause Menopause occurs in women when their body experiences a transition towards cessation of ovulation and menstruation. It marks a time where significant hormonal changes are occurring. How one women experiences menopause can differ from another woman. This variability between women is a testament to the various contributing factors in how hormones affect our bodies. It’s important to … Read More

How Your Home Should be Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

You’re eating well. You’re exercising. You try to get enough sleep. But you’re still not feeling as great as you could. Did you know that your environment (i.e. your home) could be to blame? You may have already seen some pretty doom-and-gloom fear based headlines around toxins. And if they’ve made you tune out to the overall message, I don’t … Read More

3 Stretches Your Body Can’t Live Without

To stretch or not to stretch. You may have recently read, Jordan Fortuna’s recent blog where he discussed the science behind stretching and whether or not it has an impact on performance. Spoiler alert, the evidence doesn’t say so. So should you give it up completely? Heck no. Flexibility is important and is critical in maintaining good posture and proper … Read More

Compression Socks: Are They For You?

As summer approaches, the temperature rises and travelling is at an all-time high, it’s important to make sure you’re staying on top of your health. We’ve been told about the importance of wearing sunscreen, staying hydrated and avoiding prolonged exertion in the heat, but did you know that compression socks are one of the best things you can do for … Read More

Tendinopathy: How to Deal With Chronic Tendon Pain

Tendinopathy, tendinosis, tendinitis… three terms to describe basically the same injury. Confusing right? It should be! Part of the confusion around naming this injury is the fact that for the longest time we didn’t really know much around the SCIENCE behind the injury. Since then, we have made steps in deciphering this problem. The current theory of WHAT HAPPENS when … Read More