Meet the Team: Florence Bowen, Osteopathic Candidate

Florence is one of the warmest people I have had the pleasure of working with as a health professional. She is not boastful so she likely won’t recognize that she is quickly becoming one of the leading experts on diastasis recti (abdominal separation). She is also absolutely gifted in translating movement into treatment though she won’t brag about that either. … Read More

Do You Really Need to Stretch? The Science Behind the Controversy

Is Stretching Effective for Injury Prevention?   There was a recent social media buzz surrounding a research article that came out in 2014 comparing the risk reduction of different rehabilitation interventions on sports injuries (see reference below). This research article gained quite a lot of interest, primarily due to a staggering benefit from strengthening over stretching. According to the results, … Read More

Meet the Team: Sandra Ghaly, Paediatric and Pelvic Physiotherapist

Anyone who can calm my children in under 30 seconds is a miracle worker in my books. Sandra Ghaly, our pelvic floor and paediatric physiotherapist is nothing short of that title. Best known for her caring yet empowering nature, Sandra is carving out her niche as one of only two physiotherapists in the city of Toronto specializing in children’s pelvic … Read More

Don’t Waste Your Time and Money – Learn How to Choose A Great Therapist

Do you ever eavesdrop on someone’s conversation?   This morning as I was waiting to play tennis I found myself doing exactly that. Two gentlemen beside me were comparing notes on their recent knee surgeries.   Gentleman number one was saying how he was pleased to be back to tennis and had been religiously going to physiotherapy. I was about … Read More

Meet the Team: Jordan Fortuna, Manager of Clinical Services

I often find myself in awe of the talented practitioners who make up the Body Co team. In fact, I am often bragging about their amazing skills and knowledge. In no way should that understate what incredible people they are as well. Therapeutic relationships are built on trust. So in an effort to let you know more about the awesome … Read More

Just Breathe

Do me a favour. Have a seat. Sit back in your chair. Relax your arms on your your lap. Quiet your mind.   Now, inhale through your nose for a count of four. Fill your belly with your breath, like a balloon fills with air.   Pause.   Slowly, let the breath out through your mouth for a count of … Read More

How to Conquer your First Spring Run Safely

It was ugly, dirty and it hurt but oh my, it was glorious.   It was my first run of the Spring season.   I used to run all winter, pre-kids, pre-business, pre-paranoia of slipping on icy sidewalks. Now I elect to do something inside, and let’s face it, warmer and safer, in the winter. That means come spring, I … Read More

Get the Skinny on the Low Fat / High Fat Debate

Ah, the dreaded diet. It hits the top of our New Year’s Resolutions. It is revisited a few more times throughout the year with goal weights set for birthdays, vacations and high school reunions. The weight loss industry has an estimated value of 68 billion dollars (1) and there is every reason to believe that trend is going to continue … Read More

What Does Your Poop Say About You?

I’m my house, with two small children, poop is a regular topic of discussion. Poop jokes, poopy diapers, conversations about how frequently each child pooped. Needless to say we are not shy about discussing our poop.   However, if that is not your reality (and lucky you) you may not be paying close attention to a vital marker of health. … Read More