5 Things Every New Mama NEEDS to Hear

You are a new mother. You have not slept in days. You have not showered. You cannot even gather enough strength to eat. You thought working after a night of partying was tough, but nothing quite compares to the fatigue you are currently experiencing.     As a pre and postnatal movement specialist and Osteopathic manual practitioner specialized in women’s health, … Read More

Start September with SMARTER Goals

Why do I care about your goals?   There is a very high likelihood that if you’ve ever worked with a rehabilitation professional you’ve been asked about your goals. Often times I get the simple answer of, “no more pain”, or “to make this better [points at injured body part]”. This is all well and good, but a lot of … Read More

Managing Your Adrenals and Stress: A Naturopath’s Approach 

The stress response is a vital function of human health and survival. It is important to have a stress response, as it allows us to cope with physical, mental, environmental and emotional problems.  Issues can arise when the stress response is uncontrolled or a person is dealing with excessive, prolonged or poorly managed stress.  What is the Stress Response?  The … Read More

Stool Withholding: How to Help your Child Let Go

If you know me, you know I love to talk about bowel movements (BMs). The shape, the size, the frequency. Yes, I know you’re probably cringing right now (as most of my patients do when I ask them to point out what their stool looks like on a chart) but perhaps I can convince you why bowel movements are today’s … Read More

Simple Summer Habits to Keep Even the Most Indulgent Holiday on Track

Summer is the perfect time to slow down and relax. The warm weather and longer days beckon you to linger at parks or enjoy time with friends outside.    Summer can also be a season of indulgence. A cold beer on a hot afternoon, decadent bbqs and life at a slower pace. While all of these are well deserved celebrated … Read More


In my previous blog, I discussed the stigma around labeling childbirth as “natural birth”. More specifically, I examined the introduction of the surgical procedure of caesarean sections in the 19th century and other medical interventions during childbirth. If you haven’t already read the previous blog post, you can here . As a brief summary,  caesarean sections account for 18.6% of … Read More